Traditional Fishing for "Shiro-uo" Ice Gobies

"Realize a spiritually rich life."

“Realize a spiritually rich life.”

At the Isatomae River, you can see a device called “Zawa” made by piling stones in geometric shapes. A basket trap attached to this “Zawa” is a traditional fishing method used to catch ice gobies that has been handed down through the generations in this area. The fishing season is at its peak in May, and they catch about 4 cm long ice gobies with the basket trap.

The “Ice Goby Festival” is held on May 19 every year. At Isatomae, you can experience eating the ice gobies while they are still moving.

The Isatomae River where ice gobies live is one of the beautiful natural wonders of Minamisanriku. Preserving this wonderful environment and passing it down to future generations is essential for realizing a spiritually rich life.

Period: May

Address: Utatsu District