~ The “Satoyama” Slow Life ~

Place: Iriya District

After running through the downtown Shizugawa fisherman’s area,

slowly, you will be entering the beautiful satoyama.

Glowing rice fields surrounded by scenic mountains, a small stream

peacefully running along a wooden waterwheel, and farmers go into

the woods to gather sansai mountain vegetables for dinner.

In the summer evening, you will spot fireflies shining their small

yet powerful light in the dark night.

Hike up the monk’s trail of Mt. Tatsugane and experience traditional

tofu or soba making to connect with the wisdom of life from back in the day.

This is a long distance cycling plan.

Day 1 ― Cycling

1. Arrive at Shizugawa Station

Welcome to Minamisanriku!

Shizugawa Station is where the JR Bus Rapid Transit stops, as well as Miyakoh Highway Bus from Sendai. 

2. Sun Sun Shopping Villagfe

Head across the street diagonally from the crossing by Seven Eleven to Sun Sun Shopping Village.

Restaurants and vendors await if you’re looking for a quick break or light snack before we get started!


3. Rent-a-cycle

Head over to the Information Desk inside Sun Sun Shopping Village and get riding. 

Mountain bike to the wild side, or electric bike for an easy ride.


4. Lunch

Lunch at the Sun Sun Shopping Village or nearby restaurant would be a good choice.

Click here for a full list of restaurants.

5. Cycle through the “Satoyama” of Iriya

“Satoyama” cycling – discover “Rural Japan” through riding through the mountainside and traditional farmlands and golden rice patties.

6. Check-in at lodge

Click here for a list of lodges in Minamisanriku.

7. Dinner

Dinner full of fresh local delicacies at the lodge.

Day 2 ― Cycling

8. Visit YES Studio (Octopus Boy!)

Visit to the renovated school, YES Studio and meet the famous figure of Minamisanriku.

Learn and experience the craft of local women working to revive the town.


9. Mt. Tatsugane

Hiking up the monk’s trail or biking up Mt. Tatsugane to explore the home of the “water and sea god”. The blooming pink-red Azalea cover the entire mountain top in late spring.

10. Dinner

Dinner full of fresh local delicacies.

Day 3 ― Cycling

11. Tofu making or Soba making

Enjoy learning how to make traditional Japanese food in the beautiful satoyama.


12. Lunch

Enjoy a healthy and tasty soba lunch that you just made, or there’s a great satoyama lunch option at Hikoro no Sato (must reserve).

Click here for a list of Minamisanriku restaurants.

13. Farewell

Back to Shizugawa Station (Portal Center).

Return bicycle and catch the bus.

Thank you for coming, and see you again!