Here are some ideas to journey through the resilient town.

Rejuvenate your mind and soul, and reconnect with the real values of life.

Cycling the central area of downtown Shizugawa, a spiritual walk on the mystic island of God, traditional “Kiriko” art handcrafting and morning fisherman’s and farmer’s market. This is a short distance cycling plan.

Cycling beautiful satoyama where glowing rice fields spread, hiking up Mt. Tatsugane to see the panoramic rias coast, traditional tofu or soba making. This is a long distance cycling plan.

Cycling along the northern rias coast, harvest your veggies with local farmer, catch your fish in the glowing sunset, and experience forestry. This is a medium distance cycling & bus travel plan.

Cycling along the southern rias coast, camping at the “cape divided by god” Kamiwarisaki where the sun rises between the rocks, escape to its healing power, experience first-hand Japanese fishery. This is a long distance cycling plan.

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