The entire boundary of Minamisanriku is mountain ridgelines. All the rain that falls on the town goes to the sea. There is a grand view of rich mountains that nurture the blessings of a bountiful sea, a marvelous view of a beautiful ria coastline … islands floating in the bay … Surprising spectacles await at the edge of Minamisanriku.


Surrounded by a bounty of ocean and mountains, Minamisanriku is gifted with a variety of traditional cuisine which draws excitingly luscious ingredients from both locations. There is no place better to be for epicures who love natural and rich tastes, fresh from the source and arranged to bring out the best of each ingredient.


Whether you want to feast on fresh delicacies and experience Japanese omotenashi (spirit of hospitality) at a minshuku, or dream under the zillion stars and wake up to the sun-glowing horizon, Minamisanriku’s promise to you is that you will find your home away from home – a place to relax and rejuvenate.