Tofu Making

“Learn how to make traditional soybean food, with a wisdom from back in the day.”

“Learn how to make traditional soybean food, with a wisdom from back in the day.”

Minamisanriku is a place bountiful of a rich land nurtured by its nature. Local produce are all the more delicious with the heart and passion of the people that are growing them. Here, we utilize wisdom from back in the day to take care of and prepare our food.

The oldest member age 82, women engaged in agriculture in the Iriya district set up a club named the “Beans Club”. Starting with the cultivation of soybeans in fallow rice fields, their activities have extended to making natto (fermented soybeans), tofu (bean curd), and kinako (roasted soybean flour). Ms. Teiko Sato, has long years of experience, knowledge and skills for making traditional soybean foods. Although she is the oldest of the members at Teiko years of age, she is as vibrant and energetic as any of the other members. The other members of the club are always eager to acquire Ms. Teiko’s knowledge and skills. Teamwork is extremely important in the club. They often get together to go to an onsen (hot spring).

Beans Club

Period: All year

Hours: Around 2.5 hours

Participants: 5-10 people

Charge: 1,500 JPY per person

Other: Reservation required one week in advance (please request time of start) / 100% charge for cancellation on the day / Requested to bring with you an apron, bandana or piece of cloth / Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Address: Shindōjishita Community Hall “Shiki-no-sato”, Shindōjishita 42 Iriya, Minamisanriku-chō, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 986-0782