Okera Create-a-farm Project

“Uplift the town livelihood through agritourism.”

“Uplift the town livelihood through agritourism.”

The satoyama of Iriya is a place where folk tales and traditional scenic views of Japan still exist today. Before the earthquake and tsunami, the local farmers had small-scale but significant farms where tourists can visit to experience farming and harvesting, creating a flow of people from outside the town to visit and interact through farming. Since the disaster, due to the lack of continuation of these activities, such farmland, together with the initiative of agritourism, has been put on a pause.

This project pursues to revive the agritourism in the area once again – to create a sustaining flow of people traveling in and out, resulting in a cycle of interaction amongst people of the cities and the suburbs, with the hope to uplift the livelihood of the place once again.

Period: All year

Hours: 2-3 hours (10:00-18:00)

Participants: 5-40 people

Charge: 500 JPY per person (first time only; free of charge from second time on)

Other: Fee will be used for facilities, seeds and seedlings and other necessities for the project / Requested to bring gloves, hat, long sleeves and pants, towel, sunscreen, rain gear, long boots, bug spray, water

Address: Yamanokamidaira Iriya, Minamisanriku-chō, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 986-0782