A national forest overlooking the ria coast

“A national forest overlooking the ria coast.”

Minamisanriku contacts all adjacent municipalities along mountain ridges. If you look up the mountain on the Tokura Peninsula southeast of town, grassland comes into sight. This is Obandaira, which connects with the Kitakami district in Ishinomaki City.

The mountain to Obandaira is covered with a deciduous broad-leaved forest with trees such as Japanese beech and fir trees. The area is protected as a national forest.

Finally we reach the entrance to the magnificent grasslands of Obandaira. While feeling a pleasant breeze, we set foot on the slopes of fragrant grass. While going up the slope, the superb panoramic view behind us broadens rapidly. Shizugawa Bay, Utatsu Peninsula, Mt. Tatsugane … a view of a distant Mt. Goyozan, which spans Ofunato and Kamaishi.

At the top of the slope, a full view of the Oppa Bay stretches in front of our eyes. Nagatsuraura Beach, Naburi Bay and a distant view of Kinkasan Island. On this day, a snow-capped Mt. Kurikoma appeared in the northwest direction. Obandaira’ s elevation is 386 m.

This is not only a place where people can fully enjoy an unparalleled view of a ria coast, but they can also experience the profound hugeness of mountains that add rich nutrients to rain runoff to enrich the sea.

Located in the mountain range of Tokura District