Farming & Flower Art (Ono Kasho-en)

“Be energized from the greenhouse filled with the scent of green tomatoes.”

“Be energized from the greenhouse filled with the scent of green tomatoes.”

In the Utatsu district of Minamisanriku, a new agricultural business has started. The president, 33-year old Mr. Masamichi Ono, cultivates tomatoes and chrysanthemums. He established Ono Kasho-en, hired employees, and presently runs a farm. He does not use chemical fertilizers and makes soil using a homemade organic fertilizer and delivers delicious and safe tomatoes of high quality to customers.
Masamichi allows visitors to experience farming in his greenhouse while enjoying exchanges with each other. Upon entering the greenhouse filled with the scent of green tomatoes, visitors feel energized. The participants who experience propping up the plants, culling them or harvesting them come to love tomatoes. When they hear news of a strong wind or a cold wave in Minamisanriku, they recall wonderful memories of their time there and the faces of Mr. Ono and his staff come to mind. In this way, Mr. Ono thinks, a fan of Minamisanriku is born. “Haru-chan Tomatoes” produced by the company are beautifully boxed and shipped to areas throughout Japan. The staff pay careful attention to the request of each customer so that when the tomatoes arrive at the customer’s home, they are perfectly ripened and just ready to be eaten. “Haru-chan Tomatoes” are made with loving care and attention. The tomatoes of the Ono Kasho-en that are grown using a new method of agriculture continue to form connections with consumers and attract people to Minamisanriku.

Masamichi Ono

Farmer, Ono Kasho-en

Period: April to July (Weekends and national holidays)

(As of harvesting, April to May: Strawberries, May to July: Tomatoes)

Hours: 2 hours (10:30-12:30)

Participants: 4 people or more

Charge: 3,500 JPY per person (2,000 JPY for elementary & under)

Other: Rental gloves and tasting of fresh produce included / Requested to bring rough casual clothes and shoes / Weekdays available upon request for large groups / Possible charge in case of cancellation

Address: Ono Kasho-en, Nakazai 66 Utatsu, Minamisanriku-chō, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 986-0700