Happy New Year! Today we have our first English lesson of the year.
We are all studying hard to become good hosts for visitors to Minamisanriku.
This is our first blog entry by a student about Minamisanriku, please enjoy!

Minamisanriku has 2 appeals for travelers.
They are nature and interaction with people.
In minamisanriku,We can enjoy both forest and sea.
Many travelers from abroad can enjoy the outdoors by cycling around.
Good nature also makes good wood and seafood.
Minamisanriku was certified by FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)
and also is under examination of ASC(Aquaculture Stewarardship Council).
And then people in Minamisanriku can provide “Omotenashi” for travelers.
Travelers can enjoy interactions with them.
Because they are very warm-hearted.
Travelers can easily become familiar with people in Minamisanriku.
And so many travelers can come back to travel to Minamisanriku many times.



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