Matsushima is a town between Sendai and Minamisanriku, this town is along the coast, and there is about two hundreds islands near Matsushima. So this time, we are going to discover the most beautiful place in Matsushima and just enjoy fresh summer time here.

The first place we will visit is Arahama elementary school. This school is near the coastline and it’s a five-floor-building made by reinforced concrete, so in the 3.11 disaster, when the tsunami comes, lots of people ran here, and it successfully safed 320 people.
Now, Arahama elementary school is open to public as a museum and memorial, we will get in here and see how did tsunami destroyed everything, how people survived. When you go to the top floor, you could clearly see that there is no buildings in this area, because tsunami took everything. We should treat well to nature and cherish everything we have. This is the most important thing that the museum want to tell us.

Then we will go to Shiogama Fish Market to have our lunch. There is the best tuna of Japan, and the freshest oyster in Matsushima. Therefore, we will see lots of fresh seafood. Besides, Shiogama Fish Market launch an activity called “My Kaisendon”.
It means you can buy a bowl of rice, and put the sashimi you want on it, and then you will have a special bowl of seafood rice.
In addition, the next place is Shiogama Shrine, Shiogama Shrine is known before the eighth Century, fifteen of its buildings have been designated Important Cultural Properties. Shiogama Shrine also is the highest Shinto shrine in northern Japan.
The last place is Umanose and Tomiyama kannodo, you can see the most magnificent view at these two place.

Umanose is a special land space. You could walk on a small path, and the sea is next to you, so you look like walking on horse’s back. You must become confused how the landscape was formed. There was many hills, but year after year, the sea level raised, hillsides drowned, and finally, only the top of the hill remained.

Tomiyama kannodo is one of “the best 4 scenes in Matsushima”. There is a splendid scenery of Matsushima bay. Besides, you don’t have to climb too many stairs, but enjoy the best view of Matsushima.

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These are the tour schedule below :

10:00 Arahama Elementary School

11:30 Shiogama Fish Market

13:00 Shiogama Shrine

14:00 Umanose/ Tomiyama kannodo

16:00 Sendai airport


(All reach by car)

*Fish market food not included in tour cost. Please purchase with cash.
*15:30 drop off at Matsushima is okay to sightsee more and return to Sendai by train.



Registration Deadline : 2018.08.18

Price : Usual 6,900 JPY
3,500 JPY (50% off) this time only!!
for limited customers (We ask for social sharing and honest online review afterwards.)

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