Do you want to have a special experience in countryside? Have you ever try indigo before? Let’s follow Ms. Miku learning about the gift from the god – Ai , the plant to dye fabrics.

Not only the Indigo experience, but also staying one night at Sun Sun lodge, which used to be an elementary school.

In addition, at the second day, we prepare a special view spot for everybody!

Please fill out the form for registration, and then we will contact you by e-mail.


These are the tour schedule below :


10:00 Leave Sendai Station (Car transport provided)
11:30 Minamisanriku Study Tour
12:30 Arrive at Minamisanriku Indigo Farm (Simple “onigiri” lunch provided)
13:30 Begin farming experience
16:30 Head to Sun Sun Lodge
18:30 Dinner & Freetime


8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Arrive at Indigo Processing Facility
12:00 Lunch at Hikoro No Sato
13:00 Brief stop at San San Shopping Mall
13:30 Leave Minamisanriku
15:00 Visit Special View Point of Matsushima (Reachable only by car)
16:30 Arrive at Sendai Station

Date : 2019.08.17~2019.08.18

Registration Deadline : 2019.08.11

Price : Usual 24,000 JPY
12,000 JPY (50% off) this time only!! for limited customers
(We ask for social sharing and honest online review afterwards.) 

we provide:

・4 meals
・1 night stay in sun sun lodge
・indigo dyeing fee
・transportation fee

Registration here :


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