Soba Making

“Feel and taste the rich history of the area through one of Japan’s most loved food.”

“Feel and taste the rich history of the area through one of Japan’s most loved food.”

The Iriya district of Minamisanriku once flourished as a center of silk production and was the birthplace of sericulture in Miyagi. “Hikoro-no-Sato” , the former residence of a local dignitary from the Sudo family, is a place where you can feel the rich history of the area. “Hikoro” means “Light” in the local dialect. From the room, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of each season, with Horoha Mountain in the background.

Slip away and experience the history and tradition of the unique region – with “Hikoro Ladies”, a local group of women who were born in the district and have grown up helping their adults with cultivating silk or cooking traditionally from childhood. Today, they are passing on to the next generation the wisdom of life, unique culture and customs of the region. Here at Hikoro-no-sato, you can experience making your own soba noodles, learning from a local soba-making master. Make and eat your own soba in the beautiful satoyama mountainside of Iriya district. Afterwards, you can also enjoy a restored Edo-era samurai dwelling, Matsukasa Yashiki and the historical Silk Museum inside Hikoro-no-sato.

Hikoro Ladies

Period: All year

Hours: 1-2 hours (9:00-16:00  Closed Tuesday)

Participants: 4-40 people

Charge: 5,000 JPY for 4 people

Other: Requested to bring with you an apron, bandana or piece of cloth / Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Address: Hikoro-no-sato, Sakurazawa 442 Iriya, Minamisanriku-chō, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 986-0782



TEL: 0226-46-4310 FAX: 050-3044-1635