We are so glad that can have a tour with friends from Miyagi and Iwate.

At the first day, we went to Ms. Miku’s farm, learning the knowledge of indigo, having onigiri for lunch, then we went to harvest indigo leaves. We cut off mature leaves, leave the babies, and let them keep growing up to be the good leaves for dyeing.

After harvesting, we picked up all leaves we had harvested and started dying. Put the leaf under the towel then hit it with hammer gently, until the color stick on towel. You have to be serious and careful, or you might hit your fingers, just like me.
After that, we went to Sun Sun lodge for dinner, it was super delicious, and we played sparklers at the ground in front of Sun Sun lodge.
The second day, we went to a greenhouse for drying leaves. Rubbed leaves to let them curve, becoming a great material for dyeing.

Then it’s the highlight of this tour, put leaves into blender, added some magic powder, and started dyeing.
Sink the towel what we had designed into indigo juice, and then oxidize it for at least 15 minutes, repeated for 5~6 times.

Got rid of the ribbons and marbles, then washed it in the river. The unique masterpiece is completed.
Look at everyone’s towel lined up at clothes pole, floating with the wind. How wonderful it is.
In this tour, we tried many new thing, and had new friends. It’s a wonderful tour because everyone were delighted when doing the indigo dyeing, and that is the best thing in this tour.

We want everyone come to Minamisanriku, enjoying a cozy day, and know more about this charming town.

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