Fishery Experience (Fisherman’s Banya)

“Experience a rejuvenated ocean for our future.”

“Experience a rejuvenated ocean for our future.”

“Mr. Kenichi Muraoka has led the community in conservation of the fisheries and preservation of the Gyozanryu Mitobe Shishiodori (deer dance) which is a traditional performing art of Minamisanriku. The Tokuramitobe district where Mr. Muraoka lives has long had ties with the Zaigo district through a Keiyaku-ko (a private mutual aid organization) since early times, and people in both districts have been cooperatively working together in fishery, forestry and river management, athletic meets, and a variety of other enterprises.

The union functioned well in the Great East Japan Earthquake. In a district where nothing was left standing, they worked together toward restoration immediately after the disaster, and they restarted their practice of the Shishiodori in the evacuation center and were able to perform it for the whole nation.

Since the end of autumn, they have started preparations to gather wakame seaweed and to culture oysters.

“The sea was rejuvenated due to the tsunami,” says Mr. Muraoka. “The excellent growth of oysters and wakame seaweed demonstrate this. Mother Nature nurtures all creatures. If these favorable conditions keep up, we will be able to market high quality oysters and wakame seaweed. This means that if this new natural cycle continues, our blessings from the sea will last forever.”
“We want to leave this wealth of nature to our children. Nature’s blessings are invaluable treasures that will enrich our future.”

Kenichi Muraoka

Fisherman, Fisherman's Banya

Period: Spring to Autumn

Hours: Around 4 hours (10:00-14:00)

Participants: 10 people or more

Charge: 4,500 JPY per person

Other: Fishery experience and seafood BBQ lunch, rental life jackets and fishing boots included

Address: Fisherman’s Banya, Mitobe Fishing Port, Mitobe 38 Tokura, Minamisanriku-chō, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 986-0781